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Your risk, Protected

With our Time-Limited orders, your position has ephemeral lifetime that only lives up to 30 or 60 seconds. Enjoy great return with high-leverage without worries of losing your entire balance.

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Fixed margin future contracts

Bitcoin Futures $5, Ethereum Futures $1.5, XRP Futures $0.2 per contract

Not only USDT, you can also use BTC, ETH, and XRP as your margin deposit for orders. Futures and options are USDT settled and your crypto deposit will be valued 97.5-99% of the market price when used as a margin deposit.

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USDT based contracts

Say 'No' to laborious crypto-cash conversions!

All transactions and your profit and loss are settled in USDT. Even if you paid a margin in other crypto assets, they are automatically exchanged to USDT when necessary.

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No minimum deposit required

Start as little as USDT $10

Some options are available even for less than USDT $1. Earn 1 ~ 2% of stable weekly return by selling options, or try earn +100% of daily return through aggresive option purchase!

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Lightning fast execution

Order insertion in 0.0006 seconds

Option Pool is an engineering masterpiece of seamlessly working 1.5 million lines of codes, which includes an engine that can handle orders in a sub-millisecond latency with robust API support.

Lock symbol that represents Option Pool's secure exchange system

Military grade security

Your crypto deposits are stored in the cold wallet

Option Pool uses a multi-signature hardware vault to keep its assets secure, which we are confident that it will be impossible to compromise. We are also preventing financial crimes in our exchange through meticulous KYC verification process.

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Please be with us!

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